A Successful Hike

The kids tried to pull one over on me, as I turned back from taking a few snapshots, they were 'zonked'.  Not a bad idea...but clouds were forming to the south and coming our way.  A nice adventure on the day.

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Nora & Molly

Nora and her Sunday BFF, Molly.


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Nighttime Baseball

The weather has turned very springy, into the upper 60′s the past few days. Tonight, we had a bit of an ordeal, necessitating the kids hanging at their Aunt’s for a few hours. As we arrived home around 8:15, Flossie and I sat down for dinner (thank you Aunt Jeanne for feeding the kidlets). Instead of putting on PJ’s and such, Tyler grabbed his glove and ball and went out back, with his sister following. Hard to argue with that…so out back they went, tossing the tennis balls against the climbing wall on the playset, with only the feint rays of daylight barely over the horizon and the floodlight from the patio to barely illuminate the yard. Tyler is getting into baseball with the weather change, and Nora wants to play as well, and he has been repeating my words they I have boomed into his ears over the years, and she is willingly accepting his tutelage. Of course, he was in his school uniform…sometimes, kids will be kids.

Laying Out Coming Set The Wind Multipurpose

T-bird Baseball and Canines Letting Go Ready Position

Ball in Flight Boo

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Picking Nora up today, she held something close to her chest and teased us with an impending surprise, of which we had to wait until we arrived home. Tyler almost spilled the beans as we pulled into the garage, but his sister quickly whipped him into a hush before he was able to complete the spoiler.

So…the big surprise…today, Nora earned her Golden Key. This is one of several items of recognition for pre-school and kindergartners at Challenger, and signifies the student has a handle on the basics of phonics. Needless to say, as you might infer from below, she was quite pleased at her accomplishment.

Nora's Golden Key

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Slope Time

Saturday afternoon, the kids and I dug out the gear for the slopes, and as I searched for matching gloves and other displaced items from the kid’s bag, they decided to help me tune-up the board. All checked out well, it was all loaded up, and we rolled out at oh-dark-thirty northward for McCall for an enjoyable day in the sun on the slopes at Brundage.

Sword and Board Maybe I Need Boots Nora in the Bindings

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A Brief Thaw – Play Time

Brief post as a few sheep and heavy eye-lids call. On Saturday, and late last week in general, the cold-snap lifted as weather fronts dislodged our several-week inversion. Instead of peaking around 10-15, maybe 20 for a high, the temperatures rocketed up into the mid-thirties, brining about a thaw, creating a slushy, swampy mess. What better weather, when it starts drizzling, than for your daughter to head outside (in a short-sleeve shirt, but better than the sun dresses she wears this time of the year around the house I suppose) and enjoy some time on the playset.

Full Extension

My Own Castle

Slush Puddles

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Frosty and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad April Day

I had the pleasure tonight of some fine kindergartener composition du jour to satisfy the brain cells after dinner tonight. As I understand from Nora, the first two sentences are on the board, and then the students continue the story from there — I guess that is what kindergartner’s do.



In extended class today, Nora decided to decorate her spelling practice page with a picture of herself, in red crayon:


Later, I did have a chance to participate in a rousing back-and-forth regarding Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Hungry Hitchhiker, but that was more question and answer busy work for “the teacher” instead of an immersed experience of a winter character. No fear, Tyler and his young author project is nearing.

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Reading about…SHARKS

Tonight, Tyler educated his mother about SHARKS. Since his visit recently to the Idaho Aquarium, his fascination with creates of the water, such sharks, manta ray, etc has grown, and he went digging for books on the critters at the library recently.


And…now a video clip with Tyler and Nora doing some Sunday reading…

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Tools of Ignorance, Times Two

The past two nights, both kids have strapped on the tools of ignorance and played catcher on their respective teams, racking up two innings together, compared to my single inning in my Little League career behind the plate. ┬áBoth kids did exceptionally well, showing much improvement over their previous times at catcher. ┬áNotice Tyler snagging one of the pitches — a week ago he was still running backward when you threw the ball at him.


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Go Broncos

A typical Sunday will find Flossie hitting the grocery store to secure mass quantities of cookies and milk for her family for the upcoming week (sometimes she brings home yucky vegetables and other things the kids and I revolt against, Mom’s…). Depending on behavior in the days leading up to this epic shopping adventure, one or both of the kids may accompany Flossie and add thirty to forty percent to her shopping time, as well as visiting the ladies in the bakery department for free cookies.

This week, Tyler and I had to get our ears lowered, so it was Nora and Flossie. Over the past few trips, Nora has been eying a pair of cheerleader pom-pom’s in the toy aisle for some reason. And, for some other reason (unknown to myself), Flossie decided to give in to Nora’s conning and running in the door this afternoon, Nora had to show me her new found play item. With that…words cannot describe things, so I will let the audio/visual aides complete this short story. Go…Broncos !


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